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SOLD • Character • Charm • Charisma • Cash Flow

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1301 W Beach Drive

W. Long Beach

Oak Island, NC 28465

Character • Charm • Charisma • Cash Flow. Mr Salt Life has all four in spades.


Character comes from within with the older elements of the home kept intact through out the updates and renovations. The knotty pine vaulted ceilings - gorgeous - the classic paneling - lovely - original hardwood floors in the bedrooms - beautiful.

Charm is abound in this 1964 classic. I’m not sure you can get more charming than the waves hitting the shore in your backyard, but this cozy oceanfront cottage has held on to all the soul of what once was Long Beach and giving all the nostalgic vibes you hope to find when living and loving Oak Island.

And then there’s Charisma. So how does a house have charisma? When people are drawn to it year after year for their vacation, when it remains booked week after week during the summer, when it makes you want to stay just a little bit longer and longer then you know the house has charisma.

This character, charm and charisma amounts to close to $100,000 in gross rental revenue annually. I personally feel that could be a whole lot more with a few minor changes. Sure he has some age on him and there are a few things here and there that need to be addressed but nothing he isn’t willing to hear your thoughts on.

Hey - if you spent all day every day sitting on the beach since the mid 60’s you’d need some work done too. So bring your botox and get to know Mr. Salt Life.

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