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My bestie is buying which means she's also selling 😭 SOLD

😫😫😫😫😫 Which means we won't be neighbors anymore. Which also means her lovely home is up for grabs.

Here's her story.

It was Fourth of July weekend in 2018 when The Wils Family took to I-95S to make their move from Long Island to Brunswick County. The journey was long, the girls were small, the dog was nauseous, but they had their eyes on the prize. It would be two months before they closed on the brand new house at 1777 St. David Court, but it was worth every last second of waiting.

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1777 St David Court SE


Bolivia, NC 28422

They remember admiring freshly painted walls when their last home was a sad mish-mosh of strange color choices. They remember closet after closet, when their last house had one. They remember tall ceilings, when their last house was stifling. They remember a sprawling, private yard on a cul-de-sac, when their last house felt like a fishbowl on Main Street. And their love affair with their home in Avalon never stopped as they installed or beautified fixtures and fans, gutters and gardens, backsplash and backyard, patio and pantry, windows and wainscoting.

Since 2018 they've also added a dog and a baby and they've outgrown a home that holds more happy memories than they can remember and, above all, their gratitude for the beautiful life they live in their new home state.

Leaving Avalon will be hard because their daily routine includes long walks through the community, spending time on the lake, enjoying the pool and countless hours in a backyard unlike any you've ever seen or imagined.

Your new home in Avalon will be a place where you make new friends and enjoy the vibrant community and its beautiful scenery. You're close to coveted beaches, quaint seaside towns, airports for domestic and international travel, and ever-growing restaurants and shops. Avalon is proving to live up to its name meaning ''Earthly Paradise''.

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