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Waterfront Lot with Pier + Dock + Gazebo Coming Soon • 302 E Yacht Drive, Oak Island

Waterfront 0.3 Acre Lot • 13,112 Lot Sq Ft 📐


Pier + Dock + Gazebo Permitted and Being Installed June 2024

302 E Yacht Drive

Oak Island, NC 28465

Click below to see and download the Property Flyer

FLYER 302 E Yacht
Download PDF • 33.44MB

Just a mile from the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, there is a enchanted homesite along the Intracoastal Waterway in the quaint Town of Oak Island, North Carolina. At first glance, it may appear to be just another lot on the island. But as you venture onto this special piece of land, it doesn't take long to feel the magic in the air. Towering live oak trees form a cathedral-like canopy overhead adding character and elegance to this unique waterfront homesite.

As you wander onto the sandy soils, the wind whispers through the oak leaves with a hushing rhythm. But the real magic happens where the oaks meet the Intracoastal Waterway. The gentle lapping of the waters and the sounds of waves crashing on the seashore remind you that you're never far from the ocean in this corner of paradise. Watch as the boats glide by carrying guests in pursuit of relaxation and adventure. Kayakers, paddle boarders, and jet skis cut through the sparkling water, enjoying the waterway at their chosen pace.

A pier, dock and gazebo are being added to take in the scenes a little closer. The Atlantic just a short jog away and ease of access on and off the island a couple blocks down at the Swain Cuts Bridge and Middleton Ave.

As another spectacular day fades to dusk over the Intracoastal, the oak grove takes on a tranquil magic all its own. Fireflies begin their twinkling courtship dance and the reds and purples of the sunset seem to make the curving branches glow. It's a place where time seems to slow down, where daydreams and imagination can run as wild and free as the whispers of the wind.

If you find yourself wandering the coastal Carolina region, do yourself a favor and escape to this enchanted waterfront grove, if only for an afternoon. Let the magic of the ancient oaks and Intracoastal Waterway cast its spell and refresh your spirit. And then contact us about what your dream home might look like on this incredible homesite.

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