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Example of 15 Day Facebook Ad Results: Exposure is Everything 😎

Yes. Exposure is everything in real estate. Defining a target audience and making sure your property is in front of anyone and everyone who might be interested in purchasing a home like yours.

Now a days if your agent isn’t effectively marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube then they are not using the internet to fully expose your property to every potential buyer.

Here is a small example of a 15 day series of Facebook/Instagram Ads I ran the over the past 30 days for a recently listed $800,000 condo in Southport.

  • 15 Days

  • 64,706 People Reached

  • 8,764 Thru Video Plays

  • 1,393 Link Clicks To See More Info On The Property on My Blog

I did something very similar for a $140,000 doublewide manufactured home in Sunset Beach that I pre-marketed and sold with multiple offers within hours in February. See the blog post with close to 3,000 views here and the 10 day Facebook Ad results that led to my seller's success below.

Exposure is everything. Whether is a multi million dollar estate or single wide trailer exposure is still everything to maximize price.

And in today’s super virtual environment nothing is more important in the real estate industry than the ability to showcase homes digitally.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get digital!

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